Weekend in Copenhagen

Weekend in Copenhagen

Hi All,

I spent last Monday and Tuesday in Copenhagen with my wife. Great city, flat as a pool table, and fairly small so it is excellent for biking around. And man are there a lot of bikes around!
Danish design being world famous we went to the Danish Design Center, which had a cool exhibition on Danish design objects of the new Millenium. http://en.ddc.dk/
Then we went to the Danish Museum of Art & Design, where you can see just about everything the Danish designers ever produced. All the cool chairs… http://kunstindustrimuseet.dk/en/

Then after a delicious hotdog lunch, we hit some used book stores (she loves books) and some vinyl stores (yup, that’s me). Not really great stuff to be found. Interestingly one store, Accord (www.accord.dk) had a pretty good classical and jazz section, but they seal every record they have. I didn’t ask, but I am not sure they would be too happy if you open them up to check the LP’s condition.
I found Beethoven’s Complete Stringquartetts box (on Philips, with the Quartetto Italiano) at Second Hand Records, Larsbjørnsstræde 20. Stacks of unsorted records kinda turned me off, but there was enough sorted stuff also.

Next time we go – and we surely will! – I will make sure to go to the many flea markets.

ciao for now, Christoph

PS: how do you rotate pictures here?

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