Standards in good quality, why are they so hard to find?

Standards in good quality, why are they so hard to find?

Hi guys, I always wonder why it’s getting increasingly hard to find standards in high quality. Let me give you a few examples.


I am looking for a pair of no-frills black shoes with a rubber sole that will keep a few years. No frilly stitching. No colored eyelets. No cap toe.  No nuttin’. No fashionite b.s., like this fashion shoe. I am very frustrated that it is impossible to get any in Germany. 

I know I could wait till I’m in the States and just go to KMart and get a pair of Safetrax “Manager” Oxfords for 30 bucks… but I want quality. 

Here are a few options I found.


Doc Martens are good enough. Over the many years I have been wearing and buying them, I have also noticed a continuous decline in quality at Doc Martens. I bought a pair of Docs steel toe boots when I was 17: still have ’em. They have seen the world, some wild concerts, binge-a-licious all nighters, cross-Europe hitchhiking adventures… they now have a wonderful “patina”, you could say. Wanted to replace them 10 years ago with a pair of new ones. The new ones were done in a year later, the crappy upper leather ripped where it should have creased! I still wear the 30-year-olds, they even look good with a suit (okay, formal occasions excluded). 

Anyway, taking the quaility issues into account, the Dr Martens – Urban – 1461-59 – black greasy are good enough. The sole darkens a little with wear, so there’s no two-tone going on. 


I love the Red Wing 101 Postmans. This style has been made for decades now, Red Wing’s claim, “Excellence is a standard which transcends the test of time” holds true throughout their line of shoes. I know I will eventually fold and get a pair. I found that if I shop around, the price difference to the Docs becomes negligible.



Thorogood Men’s Classic Oxford Shoes 106575. They look good, but I have no chance to see them in real life, only online pics. I’ve tried to find stores in Colorado and California, no luck. I am wary of the leather quality, the only description I get fits either cheap “corrected grain” or high quaity leather… I wish I could hold them my hands for a few seconds and get a first hand impression. But until then I’ll have to pass. 


I ended up ordering the Doc Martens for now. Since I live in Berlin, Germany, ordering those online is the best way… first because there’s a price difference of 50 Euros to buying them in a Doc Martens flagship store, and will not cost me any customs charges if I ordered American shoes. But I’m in the States in October, so who knows what will happen there!
Hope my search helps others. 

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