Heavy plinth

Heavy plinth

So I like heavy plinths. And I like transcription turntables.

I had bought a Commonwealth Electornics 12D turntable a long while ago, for an acceptable price. It was sitting here, waiting to be given a proper plinth. I kinda dragged my feet, couldn’t decide what kind of plinth I wanted, flipflopping between slate, cement, Delignit, and a bunch of other materials that would give me enough weight for the heavy duty direct drive motor.

After seeing the beauty of slate, especially inspired by Jonathan Weiss’ plinths, I did some research and found a good supplier of billiard quality slate in Europe who is able and willing to do some precise small batch cutting… it wasn’t easy! It explains the price of OMA, Slatedeck and the like. So I ordered a two layer plinth.


Then came a little ebay auction for a largeish slab of phenolic…. 1m x 1m x 15cms. yes 15cms thick! (that’s 39.37″ x 39.37″ x 5.9 “!!). The largest bit of phenlic I’ve ever heard of, or seen. Perfect for a heavy, stable plinth with good sonic qualities.

I gave the first bid, as I wanted to see where this auction went. It went nowhere and I got the slab for a really low price. The description said approx 100kg, which was wrong… as I picked it up with my wife, it turned out to be about 230kgs!

We managed to bring it to a waterjet cutting facility here in Berlin, and, after a lot of planning, discussing and redeciding, managed to cut 3 plinths plus one bottom plate out of the slab. 43 hours of machining… I was lucky the guys at the shop had no idea what they were getting into when the calculated the price.

More later. It ain’t over.