Commonwealth Electronics 12D Phenolic Plinth, part 2

Commonwealth Electronics 12D Phenolic Plinth, part 2

Hi All,

Frank and I have been working on the plinth some more and hit a few (aesthetic) snags. The waterjet had done a good job, but the thickness of the material made it impossible for the machine to cut 100% straight. On the exit side, a “waviness” of the jet occurred:

Which we needed to sand and fill…

Orignally, I wanted to keep the sides as natural as possible, only oiling them, so that you can see the “grain” of the phenolic. Unfortunately, after straightening out the sides, the filler made it kinda unattractive. Even the application of Tung Oil didn’t improve the look. We had thought it would darken the filler and even things out. Nope.

Decisions needed to be made. We discussed various options, from painting the sides with carpaint, or using a foil, or felt, or Chinese paper… then we decided to do another REALLY difficult thing: wood veneer. I remembered a great place for veneer shopping,, and found a groovy 0.5mm striped Macassar Ebony veneer. Here’s a peek:

Wrapping this around the corners is quite a challenge, but I know Frank, and he excels with throwdowns like this!

More later. I don’t want to spoil the surprise at its premiere very soon.