First sighting of the Commonwealth at the ETF 2010

Here I am, late with the report on the CE's grand premiere at the ETF 2010. Holger Barske's excellent blog provides a good report and many pictures of the fun filled days in France .Frank took his turntable along (remember, we are making three of these babies!).There's bunches more pics on the web, especially at is still in its' final production stages, the wood veneer hasn't been applied yet. Then I need to mount an arm, and a cart, make room in my system for…

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Commonwealth Electronics 12D Phenolic Plinth, part 2

Hi All,Frank and I have been working on the plinth some more and hit a few (aesthetic) snags. The waterjet had done a good job, but the thickness of the material made it impossible for the machine to cut 100% straight. On the exit side, a "waviness" of the jet occurred:Which we needed to sand and fill...Orignally, I wanted to keep the sides as natural as possible, only oiling them, so that you can see the "grain" of the phenolic. Unfortunately, after straightening out the sides, the…

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Heavy plinth

So I like heavy plinths. And I like transcription turntables.I had bought a Commonwealth Electornics 12D turntable a long while ago, for an acceptable price. It was sitting here, waiting to be given a proper plinth. I kinda dragged my feet, couldn't decide what kind of plinth I wanted, flipflopping between slate, cement, Delignit, and a bunch of other materials that would give me enough weight for the heavy duty direct drive motor.After seeing the beauty of slate, especially inspired by Jonathan Weiss' plinths, I did some…

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