Mini review: NEW HISTORY WARFARE VOL. 3: TO SEE MORE LIGHT by Colin Stetson

The third part of the trilogy, sometimes angelic, sometimes metal brutal.    Colin Stetson is a unique saxophonist, using circular breathing to create endless sound loops and, with the added plethora of microphones, records all facets of his playing, the clattering of the treble keys, the bass thumps of the lower register keys, his breathing, and his moaning singing. Spectacular stuff. He’s been really busy in the last years, playing solo shows and also touring as a member of Bon Iver, whose leader Justin Vernonis featured prominently on the third part of…

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Mini Review: THE MIRACULOUS by Anna von Hausswolff (LP)

Gloriously, ecstatically dark music, drone metal-influenced sound that relies on a very special pipe organ. One of the largest instruments of its kind in city of Piteå, Anna von Hausswolff uses its Acusticum Pipe Organ equipped with 9,000 pipes, built-in percussion (including vibraphone and glockenspiel), recording/looping tools, and nefarious sounds produced by submerging the pipes halfway underwater. Von Hausswolff lets out an ascendant wail at the start of "Evocation", the pipes swell up around her like the nightmarish offspring of a THX sound test, and often pits…

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yet another new turntable

G. PINTO "ON" TURNTABLE A true plug and play turntable that packs a lot into a small package. It features a carbon fiber tonearm, belt driven Corian platter, a tube preamp with a dedicated power supply. It's also capable of handling traditional analog sources as well as digital ones through a Bluetooth audio receiver. This turntable has a height of only 2.5 inches, and the looks are okay, even though the placement of the tube preamp is debatable...  

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Mini review: THE SHIP by Brian Eno (LP)

Brian Eno returns to Warp Records with this incredibly elegant album.  The Ship is almost as much musical novel as traditional album. Eno brings together beautiful songs, minimalist ambience, physical electronics omniscient narratives and technical innovation into a single, cinematic suite. The result is excellent Eno, a record paralleling the best in his catalog.The Ship was originally conceived from experiments with three-dimensional recording techniques and is loosely based upon, in Eno's own words 'a fascination with the sinking of the Titanic and humankind’s balance “between hubris and paranoia.”'.Thy…

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Frank’s “Blues Room” – Der Blues steht mitten im Raum

Hi All,in case you didn't catch this: there was an interesting personal portrait of Frank Schröder in a German newspaper a while ago... it is sadly no longer available online, but here is a hi-res pic of the article. To test your German skills all you need to do is enlarge it accrdingly!Enjoy!Best,  Christoph(I wish I knew how to turn the pic rightside up, sorry!)

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Mini review: MIRRORED by Battles (LP 2nd press)

BATTLES is another band I have been following. When I heard them for the first time, it reminded me of Can, due to the repetitive, chant-like bits, assembled to compositions, and the singing. And the drums reminded me of Helmet, which, it turns out, is because this was their drummer. So, then as now, Battles' drums are being played in real time, with the brute force and metronome-focus of a guy with a background in heavy rock. The original Mirrored LP was immediately sold out and  was being…

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Mini Review: LIFE TO EVERYTHING by Phronesis (LP)

Hi All,I just recently fell in love with this groovy Jazz trio. So full of energy and drive. The vinyl is really good, I am just giving their second album, Life To Everything, a spin, and my foot is tapping wildly. The vinyl is excellent, and I don't care if its less than 180 grams. I has become rally hard hard to find Jazz bands like this, with a, say, "tradtional" song structure. Most new bands are more the "noodling" type, which to me is more esoterical meditation music than Jazz the…

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Commonwealth Electronics CD12… s-l-o-w–p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s

Slow progress, too many distractions... and no real urgency.My Garrard is working great, but Frank constantly tells me this one might give me more of what I want.Here are some pics of the finished plinth,the setup,but still missing an arm. An Argonne (with its weird...hrrmmm just plain wrong offset angle),an SME,or a Schmoeder? (keeping my fingers crossed!)

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